Tips For People With Diabetes-Monitoring Diabetes

Tips for people with diabetes

Tips For People With Diabetes: Monitoring Diabetes by many ways

Monitoring their diabetes must be handled with care. Every move a person makes must be controlled to keep their body healthy. A wrong move can make things worse and throw a person’ progress out of orbit. The routine must be performed long enough that doing it will become second nature.

One tip to handle diabetes is to monitor glucose levels. Glucose is the amount of sugar in the blood. There are pocket-sized machines that will help a person maintain glucose at home instead of going to the doctor.  A person can get a ketone strip to monitor sugar in urine. No matter which one a person chooses (or they can choose both) it should constantly be done. Record everything in a daily log. Let the doctor know of any suspicious activity.

Dieting is another part of keeping diabetes at bay. The diet should be a strict, nutritious and healthy. It should be low in fat, sugar, and cholesterol. Use artificial sugars to lower real sugar intake. Eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fiber. Plan meals in advance and eat at the appropriate times. Don’t overeat and don’t starve. The dietician can assist in making a plan that will work for you.

Another tip is to exercise. The exercise regimen will lower blood sugar and (for type 2 diabetics) eliminate diabetes completely. It can also reduce cardiovascular disease and heart disease. Simple things like walking and riding a bike can make a difference. The best person to talk to is a personal trainer. They will make an exercise plan for you personally. Talk to the doctor before starting any exercise program.

Taking medications is only required if the doctor thinks so. Take the medicines the doctor tells you to take. Not following instructions will result in serious complications. To help remind a person to take their medication you may want to try medication dispensers. The dispensers have days and times attached to remind you. An individual may also try an alarm with a beeper.

Going to the hospital is one more thing a person with diabetes can do to help maintain their diabetes. Visit a podiatrist for foot problems. The best thing to do is to go to a podiatrist on a regular basis to prevent foot problems. People with diabetes should wear shoes that fit well; don’t squeeze into shoes to make your foot smaller. The eye doctor is another place to look into. People with diabetes are at risk for blindness so they must pay special attention to their eyes. Check the eyes on a routine basis for any changes. Finally, visit a healthcare doctor for a yearly checkup and to run tests to check for things like cholesterol, blood pressure, and kidney disease dialysis.


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