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The Timeless Magic of Green Tea for Weight Loss

Magic Green Tea: One of the many innovations made in the last few years pertains to natural supplements for fat loss. Various herbal or natural supplements and food had been all around the market, providing extraordinary solutions to fat loss problems. Some have been scientifically proven to take effect while others are just a series of imitations and seem to be a guesswork that doesn’t work and only lures and swindles the consumers. Green tea is one of those natural supplements that generate the fat loss. It might be impossible for such natural elements that are sold for a cheaper price in supermarkets, but actually, it could really help in losing fat and could make your body healthier.

 Amazing Benefits Of Magic Green Tea

Unlike other teas, green tea is made from leaves that have undergone no oxidation during processing. This means, that all the important natural constituent of the plant has been retained and was not eradicated during processing. Green tea extract was combined with either caffeine or polyphenols that could actually increase the taker’s metabolic rate without adversative effects on the body, especially with heart rate. In other words, green tea has the potential to increase the body’s capability to burn fat and process it into energy, without having negative effects on the body.

Green tea usually tastes bitter or a leafy taste of some kind, but beyond its taste, green tea also has some medical potential. For medical research, green tea does not only help with fat loss but also helps get rid of toxins in our body. It was found out, as it was revealed through medical research, that a person who drinks green tea on a regular basis were observed to have a lesser probability of having heart conditions and diseases as well as cancer types.

Antioxidants of Green Tea

Most of the studies were using extracts with the antioxidants from the green tea. The antioxidants are called catechins, the most important of them is called EGCG which is also available as a supplement.

You can get these substances both by drinking green tea, as well as taking an extract. Oolong tea and white tea should have similar effects.

So it really depends on preference. If you want to try to make a habit of drinking several cups of green tea per day, then that will work. If you don’t want to do that, then the extract may be a better option.

I’ve read some concerns about fluoride levels in low quality green teas, so I think it’s a good idea to only drink the good stuff or get an extract from a reputable company.

Green Tea VS Pills

Green tea has a catechin – one of four major catechins- called Epigallocatechin gallate. EGCG as its called, cause the body to burn fat for fuel. In my experience, drinking the tea is much more effective than the pills. I think it may be because 1. the water is more filling and 2. possibly the EGCG is more bio-available. 
As for the teeth, green tea is a good source of fluoride. So not only does it not stain teeth, it strengthens them. Drink the tea and you’ll notice. The pills can be hard on the nervous system if you take too many. Be Well!

Green Tea does help you lose weight since it contains vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients that help you feel fuller. However: all tea is a mild diuretic, and drinking too much of it can send your body into shock, and extreme amounts can send your body into a coma. The best thing to do is to drink anywhere from 1-5 cups a day. 6-7 will send you into shock, and 10+ will send you into a coma.

I usually drink approximately 4-5 cups a day and it really makes a difference! I have been doing the same with lemon juice too. It only has a minor effect. Green tea is honestly the best way to lose weight if you don’t want to diet, it just gives you a little boost.


 Popularity Of Green Tea

Green tea is quite a popular drink in Asia most especially in countries that are very much health conscious such as Japan and China, although it is also quite widespread in the West. As time passes, green tea has become a popular remedy for fat loss and is mostly looked out for by the consumers which somehow turns to be an in the demand in the market. Ever since its discovery, many public and even private companies had set out in creating their own green tea fat loss system. There is more than a dozen in the market right now, however, with varying qualities and attributions. As for some, certain green tea extract intended for fat loss has been diluted with various filler products and ingredients, which causes the product to be a bit expensive but does not meet the effects the consumer is expecting. In other words, you will end up paying for much more than what you will get. As an advice for the green tea users, it is better to first check the labels and make sure that the product does not contain any filler agents and other unessential ingredients and that it consist 100% pure natural extract mixed with either caffeine or polyphenols.


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