Oncology 101-Why Oncologist Is The Most Important For Cancer


Oncology 101- The Why Oncologist Is The Most Important For Cancer are

it is essential to know what is Oncology 101 and Why Oncologist Is The Most Important For Cancer.

The visit to see an oncology specialist a scary one. An oncology specialist, or an oncologist, is a physician who makes the necessary diagnosis to see if an individual has cancer. While patients who do make this visit may have ideas that they have cancers, the expectations still do not make the visit any better.

  • Visiting Medical Oncologist For Consulting And advising

For most patients, the first visit is the medical oncologist. This individual is responsible for consulting the patients directly and advising them on possible treatment options, such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy. In addition, medical oncologist is the person that the patients do regular checkups to make sure that there has not been any drastic change to the progression of cancer. Medical oncologists will categorize the development of cancer with stages based on the degree of cancer’s size and metastasis, or spreading of cancer to other areas.

  • Surgical Oncologists

In some cases, patients will have cancers that are rather small or fixated in a single region that they can be easily removed. These cases will bring another type of oncologists known as surgical oncologists. These specialists carry out surgeries to physically remove the cancers from the patients. For some patients, seeing surgical oncologists may resolve any worry about cancers from an early stage. With others, surgical oncologists come in only when chemotherapy or immunotherapy failed to eliminate cancer in the patient’s body. It is also possible that the patients had undergone radiation therapy with radiation oncologists along with chemotherapy.

  • choosing the right cancer specialist

For patients, choosing the right cancer specialist is essential. With medical oncologist, it is vital that patients find a knowledgeable and open oncologist who is willing to answer all of the questions. Because the patient will see the medical oncologist for at least few years even after the successful removal of cancer, it is equally important to ensure that the oncologist is board certified and has plenty of experience. In addition, it is necessary to realize that not all medical oncologists are same and that for someone with breast cancer, it is important to realize that going to the medical oncologist who specializes in prostate cancer will not be a smart idea.

  • examine their insurance policy and select oncologists

Lastly, patients should examine their insurance policy and select oncologists that meet the requirements of the insurance. While it is possible that cancer can go away after several series of chemotherapy, there are patients who have cancer relapses after several years of being cancer-free. That’s why it is essential to find oncology specialist, who can best address cancer so that the patients will not be dragged onto multiple relapses and lose on the insurance. American Cancer Society is a good place to find about physician and hospital in your area for cancer.


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