Get your Back, Back

get-your-back-backThose who have not experienced what back pain is, cannot understand how limiting and painful it really is. Some people never consider how important it is to keep your back safe from harm, yet there is another side to this story. Sometimes you have no control over fate. If you are suffering from lower back pain, how can you get your unhealthy back to become a healthy back again?

Laying down always helps right? Well, a study showed that lying down helps, but can actually prolong the pain if you lay down for too long. The best way to help your pain go away is by lying down on your back. Place the soles of your feet on the floor and elevate your knees to alleviate some of the weight off of your back. As soon as you can, get up and walk around so that the blood can pump faster through your body due to activity. Blood rushing to the damaged muscle is what you need.

Warmth is another thing you can consider. Having something warm on your back will help blood circulation in that area, which will help your damaged muscle; this also alleviates pain. A massage is also a good idea. Of course, make sure this is from a professional who knows how to work with your back.

After you have managed your pain, you should walk. Walking is the best solution. While you walk, you should also practice good posture. Stand up straight. Never slouch while you walk, sit, or any other activity that could trigger another attack. This is good practice to prevent back issues. This pertains to women more than men, but a study showed that more than 60% percent of women who wear high heels on a regular basis have problems with their lower backs. Flat shoes are best. Your weight could also have a big impact against your lower back. The weight can put much more stress on your muscles, which in turn can trigger issues and pains. Pain relievers help too, but taking too many of them could hurt your liver, so it is best to have preventative care. Try to take steps to lower the amount of stress you are putting on your damaged back.

Another thing to mention is, even if your back feels better, this does not mean you are cured. You should still see a physician, so that he or she can tell you if your back issues are something more serious. Lower back pain is normal. More than 95% of Americans experience it, but it can also be signs of something bigger. You need to be aware of what might be causing these pains because if you continue to do the activity that is causing it, you may be heading to a dangerous accident. For example, if you are picking something up, no matter the weight, you should not just bend down. To pick something up, you need to keep your back straight and bend down using your knees rather than your back.


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