Famous People With Diabetes

Famous People With Diabetes: Nick Jonas is just one of the many people in the public eye that have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Diabetes has been in the news recently as the famous chef, Paula Deen, has recently been diagnosed. The reason this has made headlines is because Paula Deen is notorious for frying, using fats, butter, and other unhealthy ingredients in her recipes. It seems that her cooking has caught up with her. Along with this attention comes educational opportunities. Paula Deen is attempting to make sure that people have a knowledge about diabetes and how they can stay healthy. It is crucial that you educate yourself in regards to your disease and reading the diabetes stories from other people is one way you can do that. Here are some examples of famous people that had diabetes and their stories. They prove that you can live a vibrant life and still have diabetes.

Halle Berry was diagnosed with diabetes while she was filming a television show in the late eighties. She went into a diabetic coma and after being rushed to the hospital, she was diagnosed with type 1. Once she made a recovery, she filmed X-Men and was a Bond girl in Die Another Day. Eventually, she was in a position, health-wise, to slowly decrease the insulin she needed to the point where she only uses it on occasion. She became one of the ‘sexiest women alive’ and has had a very strong career. She volunteers with various diabetes organizations and tries to raise awareness of the disease.

The famous baseball player Jackie Robinson also had diabetes. He was diagnosed toward the end of his career and was given insulin to treat it. Both of his brothers had also been diagnosed with diabetes and, therefore, it was not too surprising that he had it too. Jackie eventually died of a heart attack that was brought on by complications of diabetes and heart disease. The one thing that people wish he did was to raise awareness of diabetes. Jackie Robinson was famous during a time when type two diabetes was flaring up through the African American community and his endorsement of medical care and influence in educating people would have greatly reduced the number of people who died or had complications with it during that time period. Programs now are using him to raise awareness by creating institutions such as the Jackie Robinson Center, which is a program that helps to provide early diabetes detection and the like.

Nick Jonas is a name that any pre-teen girl would know and any Disney watcher would also. He is one of the members of the Jonas Brothers and he has been very vocal regarding his journey with diabetes. Once he was diagnosed, his family helped him to take control of his disease so that he could manage it as best he could. He believes that support group was crucial in his getting through it and coming to terms with the disease. He offers this advice: “Don’t let it slow you down at all. I made a promise to myself on the way to the hospital that I wouldn’t let this thing slow me down and I’d just keep moving forward, and that’s what I did. Just keep a positive attitude and keep moving forward with it. Don’t be discouraged.” This is wonderful advice from someone that so many people look up to. Nick Jonas is a wonderful example of someone who does not let a disease stop him from living his life to the fullest.

Take these examples of people who continued to live their life and let them inspire you. Your life does not end just because you were diagnosed with diabetes. Your life is just beginning.


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