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Education On Diabetes: Days such as the World Diabetes Day all work to draw attention to diabetes. They are attempts to make the general populous knowledgeable about the disease.

Diabetes Education and prevention go hand in hand. During November, there was a huge movement towards educating the population because the number of cases of diabetes in America increases exponentially every year. This is because of an increase in people who are obese and have other conditions that contribute to their risk factor.

Because of the mounted attention that has been drawn to diabetes and diabetes prevention, a national program has been developed for implementation in communities and it is directed at educating people about preventative measures they can take to stay healthy and diabetes free. This program is estimated to significantly reduce the number of cases of type two diabetes by approximately nine-hundred thousand over the course of twenty-five years. This program is projected to save around thirty billion dollars in medical expenses spent on diabetes over that twenty-five year period. This means that the program would begin to pay for itself.

This program would target most of what is discussed on this blog and other diabetes prevention and coping method blogs. It would also be aimed at those who have pre-diabetes that way they can keep it from developing into full-blown diabetes. This program will also serve as a support group for those who have difficulty changing their lifestyle to fit their new disease. There will be exercise programs and help with creating menus that fit your health needs. It is a great way to network and find a workout friend or someone who you can stay in contact with and report your progress to.

Another facet of the program is screening people. There are a couple million people in the United States that do not know they have diabetes. This program will allow people to be screened and tested at a fraction of the normal cost. If a person is found to have diabetes, then they will be referred to the appropriate group that is near them so that they may receive the information and individual care that they need.

There needs to be a shift, worldwide, towards healthy living. So many people are unaware of how to take care of their body and do not even know that diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses, can be prevented. The benefit of having this program based out of the community is because each community has different needs. Some communities are very good at eating healthy and exercising and just need a little bit of guidance and support. While there are other communities where the majority of the population live a sedentary lifestyle and are dependent on fast food. By tailoring this program to the individual community needs, there will be greater success, and it will be more widespread.

If possible, I recommend that you research this program more and look to see volunteer opportunities and other ways to become involved. When you become involved, then you will learn more about diabetes and how you can treat your own and help others.


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