Diabetes Summer Camps

Diabetes summer camps

Diabetes Summer Camps

Diabetes summer camps provide kids and teens with diabetes a safe environment to have fun, relate to others, and manage their disease. As the international risk for diabetes is on the rise, many more kids are being found as having diabetes before they even reach their teens. When you are that young, it is difficult to fully grasp the scope of your illness. They do not entirely understand and it hard to explain what it is without scaring the child. Sometimes they forget how to manage it and when they are off on their own at summer camps and such, they lose track of the management and have extreme spikes and lows in their blood sugar.

Australia has provided a solution to this problem, and that solution has spread world-wide. They have a summer camp specifically for teenagers and children who suffer from some type of diabetes. These summer camps are just like the other ones put on by various organizations and clubs, but this one caters to very specific medical needs. They do the same things that kids without diabetes would do. There is surfing, swimming, and learning about the wildlife that lives in the ocean. Many kids are able to swim with dolphins and play with seals. This is an experience that very few people are able to have, and this camp give it just to those who have diabetes.

Summer camps for seniors and families

There are other camps as well, not just the junior and teenager ones. They have summer programs for seniors and families as well. This gives you a wide range of choices when you are trying to determine which one is bet fitted to your needs and your child’s needs.

Diabetes summer camps  in America or Canada

For those living in America or Canada, there is a site called Children With Diabetes and it lists all the camps and programs that your child can attend near you. They have one in almost every states and in the provinces of Canada. With over one hundred options to pick from, it should not be too difficult to find one that suits you.

Along with having fun, these camps provide opportunities to learn and to grow. The kids are taught how to exercise correctly and how to eat well. Some camps even offer cooking lessons so that the kids have something to cook that is good for them and can reduce the symptoms of their disease. It also reinforces community and friendship. When you have an illness such as diabetes that is so serious, it is important to build relationships with other people who are going through the same thing because then you can rely on one another. It is easier to get through something difficult if there is a friend to help you. Sometimes families have a rough time understanding what it is that their child is going through. If they build a relationship with someone who has the disease also, then they can talk to each other about it and have the necessary support to progress and become well again.

These camps are worth looking into if your child or a child you know suffers from diabetes.


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