Celebs with Pre-Diabetes

Nick Jonas is just one of the many celebrities diagnosed with diabetes.

You have heard about pre-diabetes, I am sure. If you have not, pre-diabetes is a condition where a person has blood sugar levels that are above the regular level, but not enough above to actually be categorized as full-blown diabetes. It is important that you are aware whether you have it or not because then you can know how you can best care for your body. Typically, you can take care of your pre-diabetes through exercise and dieting because that can help your blood sugar levels normalize.

There is very little being advertised in the media about diabetes. Diabetes is becoming one of the biggest health problems in the United States. This can be related to the rising obesity rate and other health issues in America. Pre-diabetes is becoming more prevalent as well as the full types of diabetes. It is important to educate people so that they know what to look for and ask their doctor about so that, as a nation, we can prevent diabetes as much as possible.

Celebrities have a huge amount of power as far as the media is concerned. When a star makes a big deal about an issue, it becomes a big deal. Paula Deen was recently diagnosed with diabetes and she is now trying to advocate health and well-being. There are plenty of other celebs that are trying to get the word out there. Nick Jonas is one of the biggest names that comes to mind. Now, there is an advocate for pre-diabetes care. Alec Baldwin has led a great example for those who have pre-diabetes. He has taught them how they can manage it by doing it himself. Alec has been very honest in discussing what he has done to take care of his body and manage his pre-diabetes.

On “Entertainment Tonight”, Alec talked with the hosts about how he has cut sugar out of his diet and has upped his exercise routine. He is now doing Pilates and other workouts. After being diagnosed, he lost 30 pounds in an effort to get a handle on his condition. He is a great example to those who may be working a lot and cannot find the time to exercise. He said that when he cannot work out he has needed to make changes in his diet so that he is able to stay on top of everything. He eats healthier and it shows because he is noticing the difference.

Let him be your example, if you are one of the 80 million Americans suffering from pre-diabetes. When you get a handle on it in that state, you may never develop a chronic strain of diabetes and you can even boost your body to the point where you are not at risk for heart illness as well.


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