Amputation Statistics Show Change

  1. Movement can help your circulation, talk to your doctor to find out what will best help you.

Taking care of your legs and feet is an important part of any diabetic’s life. They have heard from their doctors and friends many a time that if they do not take care of their legs and feet, they may lose them. It is not rare at all for a diabetic to receive an amputation of the leg or foot. This is due to a specific type of numbness that is felt in that region that results in sores and cuts that become infected and need to be surgically removed. The circulation in a diabetic’s legs and feet is also not very good which results in the same thing.

But there is good news! The number of amputations for feet and legs for diabetics has fallen considerably over the past few years. This is a wonderful sign that people are coming to a knowledge of how to care for their body and their disease. This also shows that people have easier access to better treatments. The improvement in the numbers is incredible and marks a new generation of Americans. Bad news seems to be in the forefront of everyone’s mind and shows in the posts of this blog and of others. America seems to be on a decline as far as healthy living goes. This study restores hope that things can be turned around and advances towards healthy lifestyles can be made.

The number of diabetes-related amputations has fallen by a little more than fifty percent from the mid-nineties to now. That is a very powerful statistic! Diabetes has become the seventh most common cause of death in the United States. That can be a very scary idea for those who have been diagnosed with it. However, if there is anything to be taken from this study, it is hope.

When you manage your diabetes well and properly, you will be able to experience the benefits and prevent your disease from progressing further. In many cases, you will even be able to reverse the effects of diabetes. This study shows that when you are educated and receive proper treatment, changes can happen. Medicare has taken a more active role in diabetes prevention and education and that could potentially be one of the reasons that the number of amputations dropped. However, it is also because people have been taking responsibility for themselves and have been going in for regular examinations. Over the past couple of years, people have been going in for regular foot exams and other care that is offered to diabetics.

Doctors have been making great progress. People have been diagnosed much earlier on than in the past. Because of these early diagnoses, they have a milder form of the disease and, therefore, the care is much easier. Take advantage of all the opportunities offered you and you will be able to see the change in your life.


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