13 Harmful Diabetes Foods that must Avoid

13 Harmful Diabetes FoodsIf you have diabetes, you must keep in mind that food is the most important. Here I will discuss 13 Harmful Diabetes Foods. Take note that for patients with diabetes, which is the worst in 13 dishes and snacks can be considered harmful.
Food is the most vital part of diabetes people. You must control your sugar level and only right foods can do that. You should choice which food is good for controlling your sugar level and also avoid or give up which food is detrimental to your health.

13 Harmful Diabetes Foods that must Avoid  and Alternative of these Foods

Here I mention about the 13 Harmful Diabetes Foods which is endangered your life

1)White rice

white rice

A  much as white rice is eaten, the higher the risk of type II diabetes will increase. In a study in 2012 conducting on About 3,50,000  people has found that approximately 11% increases the risk of type II diabetes on daily as a result of regular intake of white rice. This is because white rice is processed. “Basically anything highly processed, fried, and made with white flour should be avoided,” says Andrews.  Besides it, these foods may increase sugar levels.

The alternative of this: Eat Brown rice instead. Blood sugar levels will be under control by this.

2. Blended coffee

 Blended coffee

Syrup, Sugar and Cream-enriched blended coffee may be considered dangerous side effects for patients with diabetes. If you want to eat it, just as coffee. But there is plenty of material to increase blood glucose blended version. One cup of blended coffee is 500 calories, 98 grams of carbon and 9 g fat.

The alternative of thisChoose a non-fat version of coffee.Also, drink  black coffee which is healthy.

3. Banana and watermelon

Banana and watermelon

In every fresh fruit, there has vitamin and fiber. But sugar is contained in the fruit. So, banana and watermelons are nutrients but a lot of glucose within it. It will increase the blood glucose level.

The alternative of thisEat more blueberries and berry fruit.

4. Chinese Food

Chinese Food:

The food is yummy, but it is harmful to diabetic patients . There are  enough ingredients to increase the blood sugar levels.

The alternative of thisMake healthy snacks in the house instead of the Chinese, which does not increase the amount of sugar in your blood.

5. Pastry


Delicious food, such as donut,  toast or pastry can be dangerous for patients with diabetes. These are made from processed white rice so high in fat, contains carbon and sodium.

The alternative of this: So eat brown rice cakes. Use peanut butter that contains less sugar.


6. Fruit smoothies

fruit smoothie

It sounds like healthy refreshment and delicious but there has high sugar in Fruit smoothies. So it is harmful to diabetes people.

The alternative of thisIf you want to eat at home and enjoy just making it without sugar. Add vegetables like kale or spinach and use low-sugar fruits such as green apples and berries, says Dr. Doria-Medina. Kale and berries are the very healthy vegetable for diabetes people.

7. Trail Mix

trail mix

Mix trails that are used to store nuts, dried fruit and chocolate milk contains. Except for nut, the rest are threatened for patients with diabetes.

The alternative of thisTherefore, instead of these you can choose low carbon sunflower seeds, walnuts. Mix with roasted peanut and almond can make the trail mix. You can eat this mix with enriched carbohydrate bread.

8. Refined cereals

refined cereals

Delicious cereals will increase blood sugar levels. However, in the case of cereal, blood glucose levels may vary from individual to individual body. So it is better to avoid all diabetes patient.

The alternative of thisInstead, you can eat vegetables and egg white. You shouldn’t eat  Egg yolk becauseThere is high Cholesterol in Egg yolk and it will harm your health. So Egg yolk must be avoidable.

9.Fruit juice

Fruit juice


Fruit juice is very healthy for breakfast, but it’s a threat to patients with diabetes. Besides, Fruit juice which is found in stores contains plenty of sugar

The alternative of thisInstead you can take one or two pieces of fruit that contain less sugar.

10. Energy Bar

energy bar

Actually, Energy bar has contained chocolate, carbon, and sugar. Therefore, for patients with diabetes, it must be rejected. When you got hungry so you can eat home-made snacks.

11.Pasta Alfredo

pasta alfredo

Alfredo is made from sauce cream, parmesan, cheese, and butter. It has 1 thousand calories, 75 grams of fat and 100 grams of carbohydrates. So it must be omitted.

The alternative of thisInstead, you can eat wheat pasta made with tomato sauce. It contains 80 calories and 14 grams of fat.

12. French fries

French fries

It is quite serious food for patients with diabetes. If you eat a little bit more then blood sugar levels will high. Skip to adhere, “Diabetes Association said”.

The alternative of this: So you can eat at home, fry some potatoes and other vegetables.

13. Fat meat

fat meat

Patients with diabetes are at risk for heart disease. So, like meat, especially red meat should be discarded. It contains large amounts of saturated fat.

The alternative of this: Instead of, eat protein Bean,  lentils etc.  Besides you can eat fish, seafood which is beneficial for patients with diabetes.

All of these Harmful Diabetes Foods must avoid.

Sources: Fox News


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